We boost your company with the biggest asset in the world:

Human Capital.​

We are building high-performance teams for the Digital Market.



We drive growth for innovative companies through what is most valuable:

Human capital.

We are specialists in finding ideal candidates and building high-performance teams in the main areas of the digital market:

Front End Engineer

Back End Engineer

Fullstack Engineer

Mobile Engineer

Engineering Manager

Tech Lead

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

Data Analytics

Graphic Designer

UX Designer

Visual/UI Designer

Sales Development

Representative (SDR)

Commercial Manager

Customer Success


Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Product Designer

Product Manager

Product Owner

Content Marketing

Growth Hacking

Transparency and Data Driven Culture.

We're hacking the traditional headhunt to meet your needs through Hunt Hacking.

No exclusivity. No penalty clauses. No wasted time on candidates that don't match with your business culture.

Using digital strategies driven by data, digital marketing and automation to quickly find the best candidates for each job on your company.

We understand the profile you need on your team.

Through data analysis and digital marketing we study the professionals on the market to find the ideal talent for your team.

Working side by side with your business, beyond recruitment.

We use Data and artificial intelligence to make clever decisions and share insights with partner companies to boost your fit in the Digital Market.

Get to know a High Tech operation while still being High Touch.

Each point of contact between your brand and talents has the face of your company. We deliver candidates that perfectly match with your needs and a more humane selection experience.

Disruptive recruitment, tailored to the moment of your business.

Customized for big startups,

To maintain exponential growth and accelerated expansion, startups like Creditas need a high flow of qualified talent. On the verge of becoming one of the few unicorns in the country, Creditas hired INTERA's Hunt Hacking for the challenge of finding the best talent for its team.


Fulano de Tal, Tech Team Leader na Creditas

Talento prospectado e contratado através da Intera.

companies going through digital transformation,

The rapid expansion of technology has radically changed the modus operandi of companies in the way we know them. In this context, digital transformation becomes an imminent need, and more traditional companies - such as Ambev - have been relying on INTERA's support to catalyze this process.


Fulano de Tal, Especialista de People Transformation na Ambev

Talento prospectado e contratado através da Intera.

or for those who are building their team from scratch.

The challenges for entrepreneurs in Brazil are not few. Among so many new companies, standing out and leveraging a business is an arduous task. And the key to this is the greatest asset in the world: people. Knowing this, Cora relied on INTERA to assemble an incredible team from the first moment.


Time da Cora em Janeiro de 2020.

Talentos prospectados e contratados através da Intera.

Be a part of this transformation.


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